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Maui is an advanced job scheduler for use on clusters and supercomputers. It is the precursor to Moab. It is a highly optimized and configurable tool capable of supporting a large array of scheduling policies, dynamic priorities, extensive reservations, and fairshare. It is currently in use at hundreds of leading government, academic, and commercial sites throughout the world. It improves the manageability and efficiency of machines ranging from clusters of a few processors to multi-teraflop supercomputers.

Maui is a community project* and may be downloaded, modified, and distributed. It has been made possible by the support of Cluster Resources, Inc and the contributions of many individuals and sites including the U.S. Department of Energy, PNNL, the Center for High Performance Computing at the University of Utah (CHPC), Ohio Supercomputing Center (OSC), University of Southern California (USC), SDSC, MHPCC, BYU, NCSA, and many others.