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It stands for Linux Virtual Server via Direct Routing, an IP load balancing technology implemented in LVS. It directly routes packets to backend server through rewriting MAC address of data frame with the MAC address of the selected backend server. It has the best scalability among all other methods because the overhead of rewriting MAC address is pretty low, but it requires that the load balancer and the backend servers (real servers) are in a physical network.

Real Server

For ARP issue in the LVS/DR cluster, see the article ARP Issues in LVS/DR and LVS/TUN Clusters.

If real servers run UDP service, it is probably worth reading the article UDP service binding issue in LVS/DR and LVS/TUN.


On Windows 2003 Server, the built-in firewall on interface should not be turned on, otherwise LVS/DR may not work, because the built-in firewall is too simple to configure, it will drop the packet for VIP automatically, then the whole LVS/DR cluster would not work.



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