Compiling KTCPVS

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Since KTCPVS is implemented as a Linux kernel module, compilation will require the kernel header files matching the kernel version you wish to use the ktcpvs module with.

Linux Kernel 2.4

Linux Kernel 2.6

I had made a port of KTCPVS for kernel 2.6, and tested it under CentOS 4.x, support for newer kernel will be added later. Before you get started, please make sure that the kernel-devel package is installed

Then check out the source code for 2.6 from the subversion:

  • for RHEL4 or CentOS4:

svn co ktcpvs

  • for RHEL5 or CentOS5:

svn co ktcpvs

Compile & install ktcpvs:

cd ktcpvs && make install

And now, you can use the start script under the ktcpvs directory to start the kernel thread ;)


You can change the config file as your need, then use "tcpvsadm -f config" to load it, for more details, please refer the manual of tcpvsadm.