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The name of the Fifth Assignment of Salary comes in the fact that the maximum level of repayment of the bank loan can not exceed one particular/5 (ie 20%) of net monthly salary ongoing. The maximum allowed is 120 a few months along with the minimum is without question less than twenty four seasons. Home Page The maximum length can not exceed the definition of of employment and retirement, except for ministerial employees, who may decide whether to pay off of the debt or translate it about the table. Today you can easlily access the Assignment of salary even due to Retired and also this sort of case the word won't exceed the 90th year of age. The law provides that, upon conclusion of the contract using the finance company, it also enters into an insurance risk existence and work. In the case of "job risk" insurance intervenes, but is entitled to assert against the debtor, with the limits of the TFR (TFR) accrued up to that stage: that determine, in a particular finance set aside of your company, therefore remains unavailable to the borrower who is being able to view the funding and also is thus and only financial insurance. In the case of "lifestyle risk" insurance operates, without right to declare compensation against the heirs. Learn More