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For all those intraday trading or Investors who have incurred severe losses in their earlier investments in Bullion, it is even more critical to take appropriate action now.

I agree there are some more rises expected in gold & silver, but do not get misled & trapped into a further larger loss triggered by unreasonably greedy expectations or baseless rumors currently doing rounds of very large rises for a prolonged period in these commodities. No investment is a sure thing at all times, and no single investment strategy is right for everyone always. Investing is necessary but profit booking & exiting at the right time is even more vital for great wealth building.

I also agree it is smart to include gold investments in every portfolio as a hedge against inflation and declining values in mainstream investments. Global demand for Gold is steadily increasing with the emergence of powerful new economies like China & the ever Gold-hungry India. Investors are converting more & more soft assets into Gold because of its stabilizing effect.

Most Forecasters & Commodity Analysts providing Intraday Commodity tips or Investment Advisory Services, now say gold will rebound looking at the recent biggest monthly plunge since Oct 2008 & reach an archive by March because economic growth is stagnating & Europe's debt crisis is unresolved. There is a lack of trust inside the entire financial system & an urgent requirement for safe-haven investment is crucial. Commodity Futures Trading Commission data implies that Hedge funds & other speculators increased their bets on higher prices by 8.7% to 138,846 futures & options inside the week ended Oct. 25. It was the largest grow in almost 3 months. Gold also retreated in September because the Dollar Index, a measure contrary to the currencies of six trading partners, jumped 6%, one from the most in almost 3 years. The 30-day correlation coefficient between gold & the index has become at -0.45, compared with 0.23 in March. A figure of -1 means both relocate opposite directions, & 1 means they relocate lockstep.

Nifty in stock market is actually for NSE(national stock exchange) index, whenever trader perform trading is nifty they used strategies for make profit, nifty index is around 6000 that may be changed whenever in order that trader perform both, sell and purchase strategy. When marketplace is bullish then buy call is conducted the other way around sell call is performed, in the condition you may go with tips making profit. Nifty future trading may be performed for intraday trading or positional trading; traders can sell/buy stocks for a particular day or hold it for long-term. Thursday last with the month will be the settlement day for derivative (nifty, stock future & option), after Thursday new session for derivative starts, generally traders ignore buying during derivative closing.