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Write some discussions about Main Page here. Also, please write Main Page change request here, I protect Main Page because it has been spammed too often and Main Page is the entry point.

How to setup a Sorry-Server

Wensong, it would be nice to set a link onto SorryServer on the main page. I can well understand that you locked the main-page, since it has been spammed so often.

Galbum, thanks a lot for adding page SorryServer, will add a link right now, thanks again. --Wensong 10:37, 22 Apr 2006 (CST)
Wensong, at the end of the page Software, there is a link onto a lvs-snmp module. It seems as if this module is not mantained any more, but I added an alternative to it: Net-SNMP-LVS-Module. This module is actively mantained and works with the newer versions of Net-SNMP. In order not to confuse the people, I would suggest to replace that link.

load balancing scheduling algorithm

hello friends,

    how to calculate  aggregated load value in load balancing algorthm.please help me.
Please take a look at the page Dynamic Feedback Load Balancing Scheduling, maybe it can give some ideas. --Wensong 18:15, 12 Mar 2006 (CST)