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net-snmpd-lvs-module is a dynamicaly loadable shared object for SNMP to get the configuration and some statistical information from the Linux kernel with IP virtual server support.


Get the source (note: as of 13 July 2008 this URL returns 404) for this module (local copy or Alternate source location). From download the the correct version of ipvsadm, for kernel 2.6 use ipvsadm-1.24 or later, for kernel 2.4 use ipvsadm-1.21. Extract ipvsadm-version.tar.gz, build the library and copy the subtree libipvs into the module's working directory.

Check that the Linux kernel is available under /usr/src/linux. Install net-snmp and its development headers and libraries. Invoke make, this should build Copy LVS-MIB.txt and OC-MIB.txt to /usr/share/snmp/mibs/.

Check that the new MIB is visible by invoking

shell> snmptranslate -m LVS-MIB -On -IR lvsServiceEntry,

this should return . Copy to /usr/lib/ and add the following line to /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf:

dlmod lvs /usr/lib/

Restart your snmpd.

Try if everything works invoking:

shell> snmpwalk -c public -v 2c -m LVS-MIB localhost
LVS-MIB::lvsVersion.0 = STRING: "1.2.0"
LVS-MIB::lvsNumServices.0 = INTEGER: 2
LVS-MIB::lvsHashTableSize.0 = INTEGER: 4096
LVS-MIB::lvsTcpTimeOut.0 = INTEGER: 900
LVS-MIB::lvsTcpFinTimeOut.0 = INTEGER: 120
LVS-MIB::lvsUdpTimeOut.0 = INTEGER: 300
LVS-MIB::lvsDaemonState.0 = INTEGER: none(0)

In case you want to add additional snmp-values to your MIB: Set export MIBS=ALL and create skeleton with

shell> mib2c -c mib2c.interate.conf lvsRealTable


shell> mib2c -c mib2c.interate.conf lvsServiceTable

this should create a file lvsRealTable.c and/or lvsServiceTable.c. Use the generated code as a template for lvs.c and populate the missing parts.


The code for this module currently is maintained by Jacob Rief. This code is based on ucd-snmpd-lvs written by Romeo Benzoni in 2002 and never modified since. As that code did not compile with the newer net-snmp headers, I decided to rewrite the complete code. The only unchanged parts from the ucd-snmpd-lvs project are LVS-MIB.txt and OC-MIB.txt.

Extrenal Links

Official site: (unavailable as of13 July 2008)