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Love Star Signs, Leo - What Are Your Star Sign Matches? - Hot or Not?

You'll find six much more adore star signs to take into account when looking for star sign compatibility with aries aquarius. These star signs are from the elements that are stated to become not so compatible with Leos fire element and they're earth and water. Earth is Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus.

Leo /Taurus. Earth isn't a very good mix with fire, it is employed to put fire out and that is certainly always a danger with earth signs. However, you'll be able to fare better with Taurus. They're a lot more reserved than you and will not be competing for your lime-light. So lengthy as you don't neglect them or forget that they're there, points could go along. Sexually you'll offer the fire.

Best match: Taurus born One to 10 May

Love star sign rating:could go the distance

Leo/Virgo. There's no doubt that you will be in a position to dominate the timid seeming Virgo. You ought to be careful not to acquire carried away. Virgos aren't concerned with how persons see them but that may be everything to a leo and taurus compatibility and over time your differences could glimpse too several to bother with and you happen to be possibly to take Virgo for granted. Sexually you be everything to Virgo but they may be as well prudish to excite you

Best match: Virgos born 4 to 12 September

Love star sign rating:Too a lot gravity for consume off!

Leo/Capricorn. This is not a beneficial match. Capricorn seems to be the opposite of you in character. You're bright, bubbly and outgoing and Capricorn may possibly seem a small insular and solitary, they prefer to stay behind the scenes though you're leading the encore. Capricorn is possibly to wither and wilt in the brightness of the light. Sexually they will disappoint you from the bedroom too.

Best match: Maybe greatest to avoid them altogether

Love star sign rating:disappointing

The water element gives us Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces:

Leo/Cancer. Cancer may possibly turn out to pleasantly surprise you. They are more than ready of giving you all the attention that you simply so desperately require, the question is are you in a position to provide the emotional support that Cancer would wish to complete their happiness? In case you are able to compromise in this way then this could possibly be a very good relationship. Sexually, passions will abound

Best match: Cancer born 15 to 22 July

Love star sign rating: Match made in heaven

Leo/Scorpio. There must be a balance in this pairing. You might be both unwilling to bend that can bring about problems and Scorpio can be icy, even from the fire that you can fan them with. If you can kind out the issues and aid every other this could possibly be a extremely powerful relationship indeed and could go all of the way. Sexually you are ideal together.

Best match: Scorpio born 4 to 11 Nov

Love star sign rating: Could be the one!

Leo/Pisces. There's not a lot in common between you and Pisces. Pisces is quite spiritual in nature and they have ideals of selfless sacrifice and the Leo ego trip could be one journey that they don't would like to ride on. However there is much that you could teach every other with Pisces tuning you into your emotional side and you showing the fish that heaven on earth is in fact possible. Sexually it might be a strain making ends meet.

Best match: Pisces born 12 to 19 March

Love star sign rating: Could be an uphill struggle!