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Nearby Google Traffic -- Why Affiliate marketing?

According to help Google, 20 percent of searches are associated with location. And comScore studies that Google offered up 10. 7 million searches within April, 2011. That shows that approximately a couple of. 14 million searches were related to location - in other words, local look for.

These numbers have been increasing every year throughout the last several several years. Compare them to April, 2008 when Local Google Traffic offered up 6. 5 million searches, which signifies roughly 1. 3 million local researches.

And one of many advertising mediums that is certainly being struck the most challenging by this move on the web is Discolored Pages internet directories. Traditionally, the Yellow Pages has become the "go to" supply for regional businesses, and consequently if your company wasn't listed from the Yellow Internet pages, you and your traffic would be passing up on a lot of potential shoppers.